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As entrepreneurs, we understand that you need four factors to turn your novel idea into a great startup:

      • Customer.  Finding and understanding potential customers, their needs and preferences,  is typically where we spend most of our time as entrepreneurs.
      • Funding.  When we surveyed Nevada’s entrepreneurs, we weren’t surprised to find that just under half listed ‘finding sufficient funding’ as their greatest challenge.  We think of funding not just as typical venture capital or equity funding, but also as the potential for crowdfunding or sales tax rebates.
      • Product.  The current zeitgeist is to trial as many products as fast as possible, and most of us need some help in creating our prototypes, whether we can whip them up on a 3D printer or need to go a more traditional route.
      • Team.  Nowadays, our startup team is not just our co-founders, but also those in our community – lawyers, accountants, mentors, advisors – who work with us to build our business.

We’ve gathered a directory of resources that are offered, mostly free of charge, by mainly Nevada-based organizations in each of these categories. Please check out the listings by area using the links in the menu on the left.