Focus Series

NIREC is fortunate to be co-located with Desert Research Institute (DRI) in both Reno and Las Vegas. The location allows us to interact daily with DRI’s talented research staff, many of whom are interested in learning more about commercialization. To this end, NIREC hosts Focus, a discussion series that aids in the commercialization of technologies being developed throughout Nevada’s research institutions.
In many cases, there is a gap between academic priorities, and the needs of industry and the marketplace. In order to move innovations from the lab to the marketplace researchers must identify what innovations the market needs and will accept. This occurs when researchers interact with industry and other stakeholders to identify existing and potential opportunities. Focus is designed to help researchers understand what commercialization is, what it means to their research and how it can lead to new and exciting opportunities.
These events allow researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry representatives to discuss topics and identify opportunities that relate to the working being conducted within the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) and within private industry.
Currently in pilot at DRI North, the Focus program will be rolled out across NSHE institutions, and we encourage all NSHE researchers to participate.

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