NIREC’s programs help entrepreneurs in three areas:

Innovation.  From our own experience as entrepreneurs, we know that you’re as likely to find the ideal co-founder of your next great venture at a coffee shop as through a formal program.  Our innovation programs allow entrepreneurs to network with like-minded potential co-founders in informal and informative settings.  Current programs include DRI Forumthe Focus Series, and YPE Nevada.

Commercialization.  As entrepreneurs, we’re expected to be jack of all trades, and few of us are expert in every skill we need to grow our businesses. NIREC recognizes that busy entrepreneurs need answers to business questions fast.  Our flagship program in this area is The Spark, condensed entrepreneurial wisdom in the form of an on-demand video library open to all.  We are also a partner of the national grassroots initiative Startup Weekend, which creates startups in 54 hours flat. Our other current programs include the Scitech Hookup.

Acceleration.  We know that one of the toughest challenges in growing a business is finding sufficient funding, whether it’s to fund a pilot project or scale up an already successful venture.  NIREC’s acceleration programs seek to get the right funding to the right entrepreneur at the right time.  Our first initiative in this category is Project Vesto.